About Us

As a member of Lions club International District 325B1, we proudly said that we experience a number of personal benefits including leadership skills, a sense of self worth and purpose, business skills, networking opportunities and lifelong friendships and fellowship.

Lions Club of Kathmandu Sakura has achieved 5 years of service to the local community. The Club was chartered on August 6th, 2013, and a 12 charter member and 46 member is still active in the club.

We assist with local community fundraising for special causes and help with development and providing educational materials to local community school, community venues and sporting centers,

Where is The Lions Club of Kathmandu Sakura?

Lions Club of Kathmandu Sakura is located Samakushi Chowk north western area of Kathmandu. The club welcomes members from all areas, particularly the Balaju and Gongabhu and Maharajgung areas.

When does the club meet?

The club meets on the 2nd Saturday of each month for Board Member Meeting and last Saturday of each Month for Member Meeting. These meetings are regular at which all members have the opportunity to share and listen to very interesting topic for club growth and activities.

Club Officers and Directors Lionistic Year 2016/17

Lion Surya Kumar K.C
Honorable Charter President
Lion Surya Kumar K.C Contact no: 9851138900 Email: Email: suryakc222@gmail.com
MJF Lion Saroj Bista
Past President
MJF Lion Saroj Bista Contact no: 9851095504 Email: sarojbista@gmail.com
MjF Lion Tirtha Kumar Singh
Immediate Past President
MjF Lion Tirtha Kumar Singh 9851095014 15 August 2014 4012044 Email: tirthasingh@hotmail.com
Lion Rajkumar Shrestha
Club President
Lion Rajkumar Shrestha Contact: 9851048159 Join Date: 2017/20/20 M.N.: 38265568 Email: rks@hotmail.com
Lion Gautam Nepal
Past President (LY 2015/16)
Lion Gautam Nepal 9851102502 1st August 2013 3800162 Email: gautam.nepal90@gmail.com
Lion Shiva Bahadur Kafle
First Vice President
Lion Shiva Bahadur Kafle 9851005189 Email: